August 12, 2015

Centerpoint Back to School Preview and Shopping Experience

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When my first child started school in 2007, we rely mostly in stationery shops, some children shops and big supermarkets for her back to school supplies.

Pretty school bags, lunch boxes and water bottles are hard to find, almost the same sets everywhere. It was challenging and it made me miss my country for abundance of stylish school supplies that one can get their hands on in Divisoria or at SM shopping malls.

Fast forward to 2015, you will see banners of Back To School hang in every store possible all gearing up for the beginning of school in September and parents are spoiled with choices. Everybody has their own take on how to give customers the pleasure of choosing what's best for their children and what their pockets can afford.

One of our favorite places to shop for school essentials is Centerpoint, actually for many things and not just school stuff.

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Edible Emoticons at Pie Face

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Everyone loves emoticons and everybody uses them in social media to express feelings and emotions.

Some people can completely write how they feel using these electronic symbols.

But what if they are edible, will you still love them?

Well yes of course!! 

That's why Pie Face is gaining popularity in Dubai! Dubai folks are already loving this Australian pie brand simply because they are original, unique and delicious!

I shared this latest discovery with my family when we headed to Al Wasl Vita in Al Wasl road to visit them and try their famous pies.

Oh dear! I got to tell you, what's on the menu was simple yet complicated...

because everything goes complicated at first bite when flavors burst in your mouth and emoticons fly by to cloud your judgement but in the end you get that happy smile on your face with the feeling of satisfaction, that both the sweet and savory Pie Face pies gives you without mimicking the emoticon on the pie you are having except if its this chicken and mushroom.

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August 11, 2015

Majid Al Futtaim bring in Looney Tunes for DSS

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Majid Al Futtaim brought the world-famous Looney Tunes characters to life in celebration of Dubai Summer Surprises.

Yours truly was invited for an exclusive viewing of the "Night Time Capers Show" which was held at Mirdif City Center followed by a meet and greet for the kids and a dinner at Rosa Mexicano.

Tweety and Sylvester are my favorite Looney Tunes characters but the ultimate one is Marvin the Martian.

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Arabesque All The Way!

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Arabesque is Arjaan by Rotana - Dubai's signature restaurant. It prides itself in serving home style food amidst spacious and elegant Arabian setting with floor to ceiling glass windows.

Our family weekend staycation is inclusive of a complimentary Friday brunch, dinner and breakfasts.

With just a cup of coffee in the morning before checking in, we were pretty hungry by midday. We drop off our bags in our room and went down to have lunch at Arabesque.

Seeing that we have kids with us, the smiling and friendly wait staff who addressed me by my first name ushered us to a table for four near the kids zone.
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August 9, 2015

Arjaan by Rotana l A Family Weekend Staycation

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If you are in Dubai Media City, there is a building that truly stands out from the rest of the skyscrapers in the area.

This one is a beauty that one cannot mistake for another as it has a Moorish design, simply stunning inside and out.

Arjaan by Rotana-Dubai was our luxurious home for a couple of days over the last weekend. We didn't go for vacation to the Philippines this year hence we are making the most out of our local annual vacation in Dubai.

We were warmly received at the reception and check-in was quick and easy. Parking was never an issue as valet is available 24 hours a day.

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August 5, 2015

Chez Sushi with Burj Khalifa View

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The Burj Khalifa is a magnet and I sometimes feel helpless in its presence, I just got to take that shot whenever I see an unobstructed view of it. It is simply amazing isn't it?

Whenever I see a place like this, I always think of the new years eve celebrations. This is definitely one of the best alternative places to watch the fireworks instead of the downtown area for those who doesn't want to join the maddening crowd at the foot of the skyscraper (aka me.)

Can any one of you guess which part of Dubai this is?

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July 31, 2015

Scoopi Cafe Jumeirah

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"Life is short, eat dessert first!" and "Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts!"

These were the words written on Scoopi Cafe's wall that actually defines our day, the day we visited the gourmet ice cream and chocolatier shop in Jumeirah. 

Scoopi Cafe serves what might be the most expensive ice cream in Dubai - the Black Diamond which cost a whooping 2,999 Dhs or 817 dollars per scoop. We didn't see it though but I did check it out online and it looks like this, it is topped with 24 karat gold, edible of course.

Instead we choose our own ice cream flavor and toppings from the menu. The ice cream was made fresh using liquid nitrogen every time and it was ready in minutes. Each scoop is 15 dhs, plus 7 dhs for an additional scoop.

I chose Saffron Pistachio topped with pistachio nuts on a sweet and crispy waffle cup. It was light and so refreshing, perfect for a very hot and very humid day.

Mica had Italian Nuttella Chocolate with European Chocolate topped with Oreo and Ferrero Rocher chocolates on a chocolate waffle cup. Prince had his favorite, a scoop of simple vanilla topped with Oreo after he finish his first scoop of Italian Nutella.

Ferald had a scoop of strawberry cheesecake topped with ferrero rocher. 

We definitely had one chilled afternoon and a delightful meeting with friends

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July 29, 2015

Unlimited Fun at the Atlantis Family Fun Factory

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Yes it is summer in Dubai and yes it is hot outside but we will not let it stop the kids from having fun.

Not now that Ferald and I are on vacation and not now that we found Atlantis Family Fun Factory at their Silk Ballroom.

Atlantis Family Fun Factory offers unlimited play with a fixed price of 75 dhs per child. Compared to the usual gaming zones around town where game and rides would normally cost us a minimum of 100 dhs, this one is a great deal. It is here until August 23 only from 3 pm to 10 pm so be sure the take advantage of it.

There are about 45 game consoles and small rides combined, my kids 5 and 11 had a good time. It is also suitable for children age 3 and above up to 65 or more as long as you are in for fun. 

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